3D English Online

Strengths of 3D Online English

Why choose 3D Online English? The following 3 reasons will answer your "why".

1. Experienced teachers (3D method)

Many online English courses hire college students and inexperienced teachers as their online teachers. Hence they may not understand exactly the needs of the students and the right way of teaching.
3D Online English selects only the experienced and well-liked teachers from 3D Academy as online teachers. Hence, the teachers have high quality and rich experience in handling students from different background.

All of us from 3D welcomes you.


2. High quality video Cam lessons (3D adapts high-speed Internet to ensure the high quality of the video cam)

In other online English schools, you may have experienced poor quality of video with a lot of interruption and choppy sound in between the lessons. It's almost impossible for you to focus on the lessons with all the disruption. To avoid this problem, 3D Online has signed up for the highest speed internet to ensure the quality of the video cam for the lessons.

Our Online-English exclusive facility

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3. Teachers teach both online and offline students.

3D Online English course is an extension of 3D Universal Academy in Cebu Philippines which provides face to face English training courses. All the students will be able to have 2 free classes online right after their completion of study in 3D Academy when they are back to their own country. The online English courses ensure their pace of English learning anytime anywhere.

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