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3D Academy has been operating ESL courses in Cebu Philippines for over a decade.
Your trustworthy Online English Learning partner.

Important Information of 3D Online English

Due to the regulation guideline for operating online English courses stipulated by the Philippine authorities TESDA, the monthly flat-rate payment model will be terminated by 2014. Starting from January 2015, 3D online English will charge online classes based on price per class system.

※ 3D Online English will begin our new services from 5 Jan 2015

※We will be conducting system maintenance from 27 Dec 2014 to 4 Jan 2015

New fee

You will need 10 credits to book 1 class. You have to have enough credits in your account before proceeding to book classes.

※The credits you have purchased will have no expiry date. You can use it to book lessons anytime.

※ You may need more credits to book classes with premium teachers with high popularity.

5 classes (50 credits)USD$ 19.80 (Net)
10 classes (100 credits)USD$ 37.80 (Net)
20 classes (200 credits)USD$ 69.80 (Net)
50 classes (500 credits)USD$ 159.80 (Net)
100 classes (1000 credits)USD$ 299.80 (Net)

Thank you for choosing 3D Online English.

3D Online English

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You will get 20 credits for free. Click here to proceed to book classes.

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All of us from 3D welcomes you.

All of us from 3D welcomes you.

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