3D English Online

3D Online English offers our own Online courses curriculum, with all the teaching materials being written and designed by our in-house research team to ensure you a splendid English learning journey.


In the first lesson, we will conduct a simple Q & A session with you to understand more about yourself.

  • B=Beginner
  • HB=High Beginner
  • E=Elementary
  • LI=Low Intermediate
  • I=Intermediate
  • HI=High Intermediate
  • A=Advance

We will use your TOEIC score as a reference for designing your course. Please present a copy of the official score when necessary.

3D Online English course focuses mainly on speaking, grammar, and reading to help students adapt to English conversation as soon as possible.

Business English

We have prepare our own original learning materials for all registered members. You can download here for free after registration.