3D English Online

3D Online English system can also be customized for corporate training for corporate clients.

Unlike other online English schools which hire college students as teachers who do this as a part-time job, 3D Online English teachers are professional ESL instructors in 3D Academy who have graduated from college.

3D Academy has been running in Cebu, Philippines for over a decade. We are the second school granted permit by TESDA in Cebu, Philippines. Over the past decade, we have developed a good track record and reputation among the students. We also worked with MNCs for corporate training and business English course collaboration.

Recently there are more and more companies sending their employees to study English in Cebu. However, it is difficult for the student to keep up with English learning after going back to their home country. With 3D Online courses, students can continues to study English wherever they are.

Due to the tight working schedule, it might be difficult for the company to send all their employees overseas for English training. Hence, 3D Online English course provides an excellent platform for the companies to provide their employees with in-house English training.

A lot of students graduated from 3D Academy has been actively using their English skills in different countries.

Using 3D Online, students can have the classes anytime anywhere. For the corporate students, they can even ask the teachers to help them to check their work assignment such as English emails and articles to make sure it is free from grammmatical errors.

If you have any special request, feel free to contact us!